Hi. I'm Wei-ting Cheng.


I design and build amazing things.

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University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA(GPA:3.66)Sep/2013-present

Master's Degree in Computer Science

National Chung Hsing University(NCHU), Taichung, TaiwanSep/2008-Jun/2012

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and Engineering

Technical Skill:

  • C/C++, Java, SQL, XML, HTML5, PHP, JavaScript, OpenGL, JDBC, SPARQL, RDF, AngularJS, Swing

  • Application
  • Oracle database, SAP1, TortoiseSVN, CodeIgniter, JMP, Karma, Google Refine, Sesame, Git, Bugzilla, Eclipse, Visual Studio

  • Work Experience:

    Software Engineer Intern at FitnessMassive, Irvine, CAMay/2014-Aug/2014
  • Worked on a platform which can allow users search for private sports and fitness coach with specified condition.

  • Implemented whole system using CodeIgnitor (MVC) framework to increase readability, performance and future maintainability and make general and detail lifecycle plan using Incremental Spiral model.

  • Developed the search function and increase the convenience for users based on their region and integrated with Paypal API so that user can book and pay through our platform.

  • Implemented mailing system, registration system, and personal page system.

  • Software Engineer Intern at JEP(Institution of USC), Los Angeles, CASep/2013-May/2014
  • Served as Developer and developed search function for different privilege to increase security and output result to different format to increase the performance of their work using php, javascript, jQuery, MySQL and AJAX.

  • Served as Life cycle planner to separate whole system and assign tasks to team members and make detailed plans to ensure the whole project finished on time with certain quality using COCOMO model, Agile method, and Incremental Commitment Spiral Model.

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  • Projects Experience:

    Best Search Key Word(Web Crawler)Jun/2015-Aug/2015
  • Use htmlUnit to crawl the target web content and find the best search key word for it.

  • Watch the code

  • UML Profiles / MVC Code Generator (Web technology)Feb/2015-May/2015
  • Automatically generate MVC code based on UML profile which can accelerate future implementation or prototype process.

  • This code will support multiple JS framework and multiple NoSQL database for future flexibility. In this team of 4, I am responsible for implementing code generator that can generate AngularJS code.

  • In this team of 4, my responsibility is JS framework(AngularJS) part.

  • Give Me Some Credit (Data Mining)Sep/2014-Jan/2015
  • Understand business and statistical point of view of data warehousing and data minig.

  • Predict who is easier to default their loan by pre-processing data (deleting outlier and filling missing data) and predict result by neural network, decision tree and linear regression using JMP with other 4 teammates.

  • Download My Project Report

  • Web retriever RDF triple mapper (Information Integration)Sep/2014-Dec/2014
  • Crawling web information and use REST API to translate those information into RDF and store in the triple database.

  • Using SPARQL to query the needed information. The whole application using Java, and API from OpenCalais.

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  • Sudoku Solver (Artificial Intelligence)Apr/2014-May/2014
  • A Java application that can adapt to different Sudoku game and algorithm to solve the problem using OO design.

  • This application already contains constrain of normal Sudoku and hyper Sudoku, algorithm have back tracking CSP and heuristic. One can simply add/maintain constrain or algorithm.

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  • USC Spatial database (Database system)Sep/2013-Dec/2013
  • Developed Java application that can query database and render the data on the map based on userís action.

  • Use JDBC to connect and query data from Oracle spatial database based on either click or draw a range on the map, and then render the result on the map using Swing(UI).

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  • Healthy Run (Android application)Feb/2012-Jun/2012
  • Led team of 3 to develop smart phone application and assign tasks.

  • Developed pedometer's algorithm to increase accuracy of pedometer for android device using java.

  • An Improved Watershed Algorithm by Bilateral Filter (Image processing)Sep/2010-Jan/2012
  • Implemented Watershed Algorithm for image segmentation using C++.

  • Implemented Bilateral Filter and Multi-resolution Bilateral Filter for De-nosing using C++.

  • Increased accuracy of image segmentation by combine above methods.

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